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I was born in Rome many years ago; at the age of 15 I began to play with the first reflex cameras from Japan.
Years and years spent watching for learning, changing rolls and plates in the optical bench 6x8 in. frames, and so on. Years in trying to bridge the gap, or trying to understand, perceive my own passion, my own way.
Meanwhile, I keep on studying and, so as to make my father happy, in 1982 I graduate in Economics and Commerce, in Rome, with the highest marks.
In 1987 I move to Padua, where I open my "Studio Eidos" in the late '90s in the area of the spa.
In 2008 the idea of Arte Laterale, a non-profit cultural association, which focuses on photography and territory. Among the projects developed, teaching is consistent. From 2010 to 2012 I work with Rinaldi’s Candid Camera in Padua for Il Gazzettino of Padua.
In 2012 I "stumbled" in boxing, and since then I have been attracted by it. I met that people, I got to know their stories and I understood the many distances between that world and my own.
In 2013 I was curator of two exhibitions within the event Padova Photography, first festival of photography in Padua. One from Roberto Traina, entitled “Hidden World”, about the 7 deadly sins, entirely made in light painting; and the other one from two photographers, Antonio Isca and Mario Conti, on the myth of Route 66.
From the rendezvous with Roberto Traina and Light Painting a new passion and desire to learn was born. So, back to studying, to experimenting, in search of possibilities and limits.

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