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grew up among the cobblestones and discolored walls of a sumptuous and shabby but still beautiful Rome: the city of the second half of the last century. 

Intrigued by every detail, since childhood he lives his city as an inexhaustible source of visual suggestions.


He quickly reaches the awareness that you can see with different eyes what is under the careless gaze of most people, and, thanks to a birthday gift, he finds out that an optical device and some chemistry  may represent a powerful emotional engine.

has never been able (so far) to decide if, in the world sampling, he is more interested in the human side - which he always ends up bringing back to the idea of ​​"communicate" - or the technological one, not forgetting the most reprehensible gadgetism. 

As a result, he decides to start from the latter. He graduates in electronic engineering and undertakes 

However, his limited talent, and a discontinuous and fading commitment, did not allow him to acquire the necessary in order to think of himself and, even more, to be called, a photographer. On the photographic medium has been maturing, however, some beliefs. E.g., that its use should prefer interpretation to documentation; that the meaning and quality of an image do not reside so much in technique as in the language grammar of  vision; that the photographic subject is just an excuse to communicate inner experiences, because we bear the only possible meaning. Objectivity is always destined to elude us.


He cooperated with Arte Laterale on a recent report from south Morocco and a project on Route 66, which also marked the beginning of the fellowship with Mario Conti, with which he exhibited at the Padova Fotografia Festival.


information technology, crossing it with flashes of enthusiasm and eddies of disappointment for about thirty years.

Meanwhile, he takes pictures, either pursuing projects or improvising; and reads, writes, creates and manages a film club, establishes a circle of literary readings and wine tasting, travels whenever he can. From this endeavors stems the professional collaboration with a renowned publishing travel series.


He is married to a woman seemingly more serious than him, and has a promising young son born in the final days of the last millennium. He lives between Rome and Naples, a single chaotic city would not suffice him.


In photography, recently he alternates the classic equipment with a smartphone bearing selected applications, both in the production and in the postproduction phases, so as to explore the medium aesthetics. With the materials thus obtained he already has been feeding specialized network websites with reportages in progress, all made without ever leaving the 'mobile', each time experiencing possible ways of online communication.


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